Altamery Group is a story of massive success of a young team who believed in themselves and began with long hours and
hard work to become,
Handcrafted to Perfection.
Middle East – Asia – Africa – Europe – America. We are the future!

Our Secret

  • Our team hires the best of the best in the industry from operation, marketing, production, sales to finance.
    BIG thanks to our HR department.
  • Our team is trained to be hands on and to pay attention to all small details, studying everyday workflow to evaluate problems and create solutions.
    BIG thanks to our engineer, our CEO.
  • Our team has developed performance fluent management system software to handle all the internal and external processes to put everyone on the same page and direction.
    BIG thanks to our Central Management Software System Department.
  • Our team of agricultural engineers, production, quality control and labs, farmers and food processors come up with the best formula: healthy, tasty, premium products.
    BIG thanks to our production department.
  • Our team make the transportation and logistics worldwide simple and easy to understand with low cost and high speed.
    BIG thanks to our logistics department.
  • Our team is sending a strong message to the whole world to show how hard we work and show the commitment we have for better food, for a better life.
    BIG thanks to our marketing department.
  • Our team is building a big family in different countries and globally with huge distribution channels with our brand partners, they teach them our culture, value and develop a better process, go team!
    BIG thanks to our sales team.
  • Our team is working in high skills management to control all of the in and out transactions, and always seeking a solution to increase the margin and reduce the cost, making it simple and easy to understand with full control of each step.
    BIG thanks to our financial department.

Our Investment

  • We invest in our people’s financial stability and make their lifestyle stable, secure and give them a great direction, plus we send them for training and education to equip them with all the technology and equipment needed for their success.
    A great company built by great people!
  • We invest in our technology (Central Management System) to manage all transactions in each department to have full control and understand all the process, we call it our platform to perfection.
    A great company built on a great system!
  • We invest in our products:
    Food & Production
    We find area’s most successful in food cultivation. Using the best technology for food processing available on the market and laboratories and analysts to provide the best healthy food at the most affordable prices. We developed amazing packaging with a friendly user experience, modern style, while being easy on the eyes using unique materials and machinery to ensure the foods safety.
    Online Business & Technology
    We are developing a billion dollar project online, it will be the next big icon in online business, with the potential of millions user.
    We are investing in software solutions for the agriculture business.
    We are investing in domains. Our domain assets are valued at over a million dollars
    A great company built on a great product!

Our C.E.O

Behind the greatest team on earth, amazing leader, he’s building what he calls “Handcrafted To Perfection”.